Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Stratford Primary School

Te Maunga Taranaki
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Jen's class is starting a topic study on Maunga Taranaki & will be off on camp to Konini Lodge soon. With the tools available (Paint & PowerPoint) the kids created a collaborative picture (visual mind map ;-) of what they know about our mountain. They worked together in the 3 seat way (the only way when you've got one computer) and created an animated powerpoint as they built their picture in paint. I provided the background & they did the rest.
Have spent some time with Penny discussing network & server issues & concerns - develop a way forward - where to now - thanks to Andrew Scott from Computerland for coming & giving us a second opinion.

Also caught up with Aaron to see where he is at in general - discussed Infolink, logged on to Interact and checked out some online resources to support his planning & preparation. Would like some time in my next school visit to model activities in the classroom (again the 3 seat one computer syndrome oops i mean model) I wish laptops grew on trees!
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