Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Managed Learning Environments

If you missed the MOE consultation round, like i did, you can catch up on what the talk is about by viewing Paul's presentation below.

These developments will be great for all our schools but particularly for our elearning classes that are trying to work through all of these things yesterday.

Friday, 12 December 2008

TaraNet's Top eLearner


Congratulations Toni at Coastal Taranaki School who was awarded Top TaraNet eLearner. Thanks again to Gen-i for their generous partnership in this award. Toni received an Asus Laptop in recognition of her commitment to her studies. Next year Toni continues to be an elearner taking two classes online - Chemistry & Physics.







eteacher Joel, myself, Toni & Coastal Principal Allan.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cybersafe eStudents


Some of the ePrincipals have been preparing student resources for a beginning of year module for elearning students to prepare themselves for the year ahead. My contribution was in the area of cybersafety which i have done a lot with students f2f. I adapted my material for an online learning environment using exe editor. I had a few problems getting exe editor to run but after reading the help forums i found there was some conflicts with AVG. It worked fine after i had deleted all the AVG toolbar files from my Program files. (Thanks Anton) I have hosted this on our Moodle website for our students & shared with other clusters. I have also put it here so that anyone can access it.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mahi Tahi Hui

We had our last Mahi Tahi VLN meeting today for the year today.

I used the audio pin to dial in & though i wasn't seen on the VC had just as much opportunity to contribute & participate. Neil Riley from Live Wire learning came in to show us through his website.


This site provides content & activities for a range of NCEA subjects. This would be a great resource to support for VC classes as I know many of our eteachers find it a challenge to create online learning materials.

We also talked some more about our upcoming Online ETeacher Conference coming up on the 28th January at a VC room near you. Derek Wenmoth will be keynoting and there are a number of workshops to choose from. If you are an eteacher who would like to attend & haven't been sent any information about registering for this contact Lynda

Monday, 1 December 2008

TaraNet Video Workshop


Another successful PD workshop today. Teachers from Patea, Opunake, Stratford, St Mary's & Inglewood attended this session. This time we focused on Video with Mark Bellringer from DigitalStory facilitating the session for us. Mark has many years experience in this area within industry and in education. He tutored Graphic Design at Polytech for many years and has worked with teachers & their students in many Taranaki Schools over the years. It is great to have someone with this passion and experience in Digital Imaging to work with our teachers.

This was our programme for the day:
A look at “the gear”
• Cameras
• Sound equipment
• “Other stuff”
• Computers
• Software

What are you going to do?
• Documentary
• Drama
• School video magazine
• Allowing students to “see” themselves - sports, speechmaking, experiments, processes
• Students documenting work
• Teachers documenting work, assessments etc

A process
• Planning
• Types of shots

Capturing and Editing
• File types and jargon
• Different software
• How to “get it” into the computer
• Using Moviemaker

• To computer
• The web

A step-up from Windows Movie Maker but still an affordable option for schools is Adobe Premier Elements. This can be bundled with Photoshop Elements and has educational pricing. Find out more from the TKI Software for Learning site. (Though this site has been recently upgraded it seems they haven't upgraded the content - still showing Adobe Version 3.0....)