Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Enabling e-Learning web presence - NOW LIVE

Thanks to Hazel from VPLD to alerting us that the new Enabling eLearning website is now live.
This web presence is the Ministry’s online ‘hub’ for ICT related education resources and programmes in New Zealand. It brings together everything that school leaders and teachers need to develop their the skills, knowledge and confidence in using e-learning.

This web presence consists information, research and resources in the Enabling e-Learning website supported by an online community in the Virtual Learning Network.

From the Enabling ELearning Team:
"Enabling e-Learning, the Ministry of Education’s new online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand, is now live on TKI.
About Enabling e-learning
Enabling e-Learning, is the Ministry of Education’s online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand, bringing together everything that school leaders and teachers need to improve their e-learning practice. Enabling e-Learning will continually evolve and change in response to feedback from New Zealand schools and communities. We want to hear from you about what you’re doing in the e-learning space, so please visit us regularly and share what works and what doesn’t, and all your news and views.
You can connect with Enabling e-Learning in the following ways:
● Explore our dedicated area on TKI
● Participate in communities of interest on the Virtual Learning Network
● Follow us on Twitter
● Post your comments on our Facebook page 

Monday, 3 October 2011

21st Century Teaching & Learning - NZCER Research Project - Be Involved!

A call from NZCER to be involved in a new research project on 21st century teaching and learning
NZCER is beginning a new research project for the Ministry of Education entitled 'Supporting 21st century teaching and learning for New Zealand students'. The project aims to develop a vision for what future learning might look like for New Zealand students and to contribute to educational futures thinking and policy development. Further details about the project can be found on NZCER's website.

Can you contribute to this research?
We would like to hear from principals, teachers, and others who work with school-aged learners (approx 5-18 years old) about their innovative educational practices and ideas for teaching and learning for the 21st century.

From mid-September 2011 we are inviting schools that teach in English-medium, and others who support young people's learning, to contribute their stories of innovative practices and future-focussed thinking through an online submission form, where you can also read more about the kinds of practices we are most interested in hearing about. 
I know that there are lots of great things happening in schools across the VPLD community - so make a submission to contribute to this research!