Thursday, 13 September 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007

Loads of our classes are following the Rugby World Cup 2007. Some are doing it as a full topic study. Others are just checking in & following progress. All around the schools their is a brisk trade in Weetbix Players Cards ;-)

Today i had worked with Vicky & Linda @ St Joseph's and developed a basic SmartBoard file for them to use as they followed the Rugby World Cup. The cool thing is you can add to it change it as you work together with the kids (capturing is the great tool here) & then look back at the work you have done from beginning to end. You can download the SMART notebook file here. But for the rest of us who don't have the board here are the cool links that were part of this file:

iGoogle has some great tabs for the World Cup they can be found here. There are tabs that give you live feeds, an updated results tab & a place where you can cheer your team on, as well as a google maps tab. This has led me into further exploration of iGoogle as a homepage - now just need to work out how to put my own stuff there & not just all their content.

You can download the Google Earth file to view all the World Cup teams base camps, training grounds & stadiums.

And see all the latest World Cup Rugby 2007 photos from Flickr.Visit Ruggerland - you do need to log in but its an easy process to register. Lots of games, activities & teacher resources.

Or there's the official rugby cup site which for the younger ones is pretty confusing to navigate round.