Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Connected Spaces

It's amazing how quickly an idea grows in the blogosphere - is that what they mean by 'viral' If it is i guess i've caught it too. Ewan in his lunch time boredom suggested that other edubloggers flickr a pic of their office space (its sad to be on your computer @ lunchtime... tho i am guilty too) & me, who have got a million other things to do but is easily distracted went over for a look & to join in. A full 360 degree view of my 'official workplace office (which i don't even know yet if it still is my office) can be seen here. Made with Panorama Composer.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Top 10 2006

I have been trawling the blogosphere as i put together my next Massey Assignment (again with a Web 2.0 focus) & have come across a number of entries where bloggers reflect on 2006 by choosing their top 10 entries of the year. So maybe i am procrastinating (again) here as i should be writing my assignment but i went back through BardWired 2006. My picks (just happen to be in chronological order):
  1. Bard Wired: Dead Cats & Laptops

    I like this picture of the Dead Cat & it's similarities to the Dead Laptop. BTW the cat is now in a glass front display case; the Laptop has been returned to the Laptop Co. & the bill sent to the teacher; the picture of the laptop is been requested by the MOE ICT Unit probably for a cautionary tales presentation; another mummified animal has since been found (a mouse - perhaps the cat & mouse met their end together?); and Eltham Primary School nearly has a brand new admin. block built.

  2. Bard Wired: Bard Kidz - Movie Magic Day

    This day was one of my highlights of the year.

  3. Bard Wired: Bard Wired's Bigger Bang...

    This day was also another highlight of the year.

  4. Bard Wired: The Vision Vacuum

    Simple but not simplistic - start by asking the basic questions.

  5. Bard Wired: Filtering Frustrations

    This post pulled in a load of search hits from people mainly in the States who were searching on how to unblock sites! It also sparked some discussion both on & off line with fellow bloggers & my friends in SZ & VEN.

  6. Bard Wired: ULearn Today

    Conference is always a highlight for me. A reminder, putting aside for a moment what societies agendas are for our kids, that what drives my passion for what i do has to start with our kids - otherwise whats the point?

  7. Bard Wired: Hitch a ride to ULearn06

    I was really buzzed to find lots of Bard Wired blog & Flickr links on Hitchhikr. I was also buzzed that David Warlick dropped in to my blog to fill me in on the Hitchhikr concept :-)

  8. Bard Wired: Spreading the Word!

    Graham really challenged me in his invitation to contribute to his K12 Online presentation. It made me evaluate and articulate my ideas about Web 2.0 & its significance in education.

  9. Bard Wired: NZedubloggers Untie!

    It has been interesting to watch this Wiki grow over the last year since Jedd set it up & i contributed the first few original entries.

  10. Bard Wired: Taranaki Wiki

    Taranaki Wiki will be a space for us to watch locally. Am looking forward to checking out our schools contributions.

I tried to display these by tagging them in delicious but for some reason???? Delicious won't show my tagged pages - so i have copied them all over...

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Web 2.0 in the Classroom: Harnessing the Potential; Avoiding the Pitfalls

I am wondering why i am still doing Post Grad. uni papers when i'm sure i swore off them over a year ago!! I guess it is because i was so annoyed about not getting an e-fellowship that i thought i wouldn't jump through any Ministry of Education hoops to get what i wanted i would just go out & do it for myself! The downside of course is that i don't get a whole year paid leave to do it but am spending my summer holidays working & enrolment fees are pretty expensive too. But any investment of time & money on education is well worth it in the long run and it's good to have my brain engaged while i flit between my study, the beach, study, the garden, study...

Here is my last assignment
. An educational scenario looking at the potential & pitfalls of Web 2.0.


Thanks to Eddie Reisch for challenging me to use exe.editor to create this scenario

Richard Bradley for the cool little people pictures (altered from the originals)

& Graham Wegner for being an influential colleague in my own 'professional learning' social network "

Thursday, 4 January 2007

5 Things Tag

OK I'll play this little game :-) tho' it reminds me just a little of the chain letters i used to get when i was a kid (& still get & delete in my email...) Graham & Sharon tagged me & i didn't even get a chance to shout sticks!

1. I am a single mum of two teenage boys - Sean 15 & James 14, also a lovely daughter Sophie 10. They are as geeky as me which means that bandwidth & disk space is a competitive resource in our household.

2. I have been inspired by my niece Hazel who became the first NZ woman ever to finish a 6 Day Enduro event at ISDE06 at Taupo in November to get back on a motorbike again. Also the idea of the open road with no children in tow seems pretty inviting as well. It's been 20 years since i've ridden anything so I am looking for a hack bike to practise on.

3. I really enjoy listening to live music. Got my tickets for Womad07 in March, recently took my son to the Cemetery Circuit races in Wanganui on Boxing Day & saw the Feelers & th'Dudes & hoping to get to Roger Waters in Auckland at the end of the month.

Lining up in the pits for the Vintage SideCar Race! Wanganui Boxing Day

The most interesting chilli-bin (beer cooler) Wanganui Cemetery Circuit.

4. Basketball has been my passion but injury saw me take early retirement from the game. Would still love to get back on the court but i know i would suffer for it :-(

5. In an earlier life i was a Horticulturalist, got my Diploma in Hort. & loved all things botanical. I still enjoy getting out into my garden & growing vegetables.

All of my kids (+ one) with Santa

So time to pass it on... I tag Tom, Ewan, Nix, John, Derek. Ha, ha - sorry guys :-)