Thursday, 27 October 2005

Ed Tech to Tech Ed in an Afternoon

Biz-Go Seminar with the 'propellor heads' (Techs) this afternoon. A seminar - well sales pitch really from many big business names in IT industry - some new contacts made, some old contacts renewed - drinks & nibbles good too :-)
It is interesting to note the common themes emerging from the tech world similar to our own - i guess they are following the trends to meet our tech. needs...
Covergence (integrated systems), Wireless, communication portals, content managment (analog to digital) & security.
I had a deja vu experience listening to Tandburg (backup systems) talk about the exponential growth in data (we know it as the information explosion) - our angle is how we navigate this for learning (Infoglitz, Infoglut, Infogarbage) - their angle is how to protect the data
Test your backup systems!!!!!!!!! Delete a file (make sure its not important) - go back a week later and use your backup system to restore it - do it now - just to make sure that you can...
Communication portals - intranet/extranet software solutions - phew so expensive - haven't they heard of Moodle
No open-source in sight of course (it's their business to sell this stuff) & funny that none of them had heard of the Pringle can wireless enhancer!!
I thought this HP Digital Pen was really cool - convert handwritten & printed hard copy to digital form - i know this is a big issue for our secondary schools (TaraNet Cluster) particularly who are trying to get their teachers work (traditionally pen & paper) into digital form for sharing.
Though a lot of the presentations went over my head - i did manage to get the gist of most it. Thanks to Gen-i (formerly Computerland) keeping me in the loop :-)
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