Sunday, 12 February 2006


The wonder of the web just goes on & on. No wonder the buzz word is web 2.0 - today's web can do so much more - my latest find is Vimeo. A place to upload & share video, digg other people's video & leave comments etc. A bit like flickr but for video. A generous 20mb a week - a great place to share your kids work (if SchoolZone doesn't block it out as they have just done to Flickr! Grrrrr....)

Been selecting breakouts for Learning@School coming up in a couple of weeks in Rotorua. Got to be in quick to get your first choices - 850 coming this year - will be a biggie. Some interesting offerings too: Viral Learning; Protable technologoy ;-) Just goes to show the typing fingers are quicker than the brain! Had a play with SchoolMaster as St Jo's start learning how to use it with Terry Stowers - seems to be an increasingly popular choice - around this area anyway.
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