Tuesday, 21 March 2006


I see from the previous comment that yes it does work :-) Apologies for sound quality i am not a sound engineer but these files are definitely comprehensible. I just used my LifeDrive PalmPilot to record Marc as he spoke, flicked it onto my laptop, cut it into manageable sized pieces with Audacity, loaded it onto my own site & linked to my blog. So here is Parts 2 & 3 of Marc Prensky's presentation "Engage Me or Enrage Me" If you were at Rotorua you can log into the Intranet site and download the slides that go with this.

Part Two

Part Three

Yes Graham i did get permission from Marc to do this. Though my catch phrase can sometimes be "Don't ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness." I am not usually that irresponsible ;-)
I had the opportunity to chat with Marc at Rotorua and challenge him with my thoughts that maybe it was a bit of a generalisation to consider our kids to be Digital Natives when a lot of the students i have worked with are just as techologically illiterate as their adult counterparts. 'Of course' he agreed with me but i guess you couldn't create such a talking point or catch phrase as 'Digital Native, Digital Immigrant' now is, without polarising the issue into black & white. The discussion led to a few jokes amongst our team about extending that definition to include the 'Digital Dinosaurs' and the 'Digital Dead' :-) It was good to talk to Marc from the point of view of a parent (see his new book "Don't Bother Me Mom - I'm Learning!") as i talked about my teenage boys obsession with America's Army. We agreed that it was probably being used as a big recruiting tool for the US Army but not to worry noone was going to come down to NZ & take my boys away if they get too good at the game. We also talked about my 9 year old daughters expeditions into multiplayer gaming & virtual worlds (Runescape & HabboHotel) - but they have 13 year old age limits set on them. His advice for parents: "Never read the Parental Information page!" But keep talking to your kids, watch them, join them, & do other things too. Yep, all good common sense stuff.
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Thank you Marc.
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