Wednesday, 13 September 2006

More Movies @ EPS

I used to think i would get bored with making movies with kids (I have lost count of movie making days at school) - not even!! What a great day it was. Watching kids in control of their own learning, being creative, innovative, working out problems, working together and getting into it all day long!!! From the time they walk in the door till when they go home in the afternoon - even your most on-to-it classroom i think, could not boast such total involvement from all of the kids all of the time. A great opportunity to work with Sharon, a long standing proponent of Movie Making @ School - such a wealth of experience she has to share - make the most of it EPS.
Some cool new tools on the web for video editing, hosting & sharing. Jumpcut and Eyespot - just upload your video or still pictures, music, record your voice overs and edit it all online. Very cool - there is so much to use on the web for free - all you really need is a browser (and a fast internet connection). gives you all your 'office' type tools plus 1 gb storage. Check it out.
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