Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Digital Portfolios

Today i sent a message to the listserv asking about Digital Portfolios. I had a great response thanks to all those who responded in emails to me. I am investigating where NZ primary schools are at with their use of Digital Portfolios. How they are organised in their schools, what philosophies do they have surrounding their use, what are they focussing on - year level, assessment focus and what are their reflections on the benefits of Digital Portfolios. I also want to know what tools they are using to support this. The links i have been following up are posted to my Delicious http://del.icio.us/rachelj/eportfolios Some interesting ones there I like the use of Comic Life by North Loburn school. Thanks also Iain i found your Digital Portfolio cluster resources on Interact after receiving your email.

Also of interest was this response from Mark:
"As some of you may be aware there is a trial dealing with the interoperability between SMS’s (MUSAC) and OLE’s (KnowledgeNET) taking place at the moment but the other aspect of this trial is the development of e-portfolios. We carried out an unofficial trial of these 2 years ago within the KnowledgeNET environment and was extremely encouraged at the results and the many learning lessons that resulted from this. The three schools who are trialing e-portfolios officially are Red Beach Primary, Northcross Intermediate and Takapuna Grammar. They have just begun the trial process so they will not have a lot of “results” yet. I am willing to send through the chapter on e-portfolios from the upcoming book to anyone who would like a copy. The chapter is unedited so bear with any sequencing/grammar/spelling issues (US spelling has been used). The remaining 39 chapters are on their way to the editors now and the book (Whatever!: The Conceptual Age and the Evolution of School V2.0) will be available for purchase in late September and the download option in late August. You can e-mail request for the chapter to mark@work.co.nz."

I definitely recommend you subscribe to the CompEd listserv and keep up-to-date with whats happening in ICT in NZ Schools this is how:
Send email to nzcomped@massey.ac.nz with the following command in the body of your email message:
subscribe nzcomped
(make sure that there is nothing else in your email - signatures etc)
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