Monday, 22 June 2009

Humberstone Junior School


DSC00496Humberstone Junior is a Year 3 – 6 school with a roll of around 400 students. We spent the morning visiting classrooms and talking to Sophie (Year 3 Head) about how they did things in their school. In many ways it seemed very similar to a small NZ school with it’s organisation into teaching teams, it’s colourful classroom displays, streaming of Maths classes, dance practise for school production and even the classroom management style of the Kiwi teacher we observed. It’s students were from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. It was different in that class work was very much prescribed by school wide schemes of work that were separated into quite discrete subject areas. There was little ICT in the classroom (except for teacher Interactive Whiteboards). ICT was taught more as a subject in the school’s ICT room. Next year Sophie hopes to lead an initiative in the school to integrate curriculum.

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