Monday, 23 May 2011

PETs and how they are changing our lives!

PETs aka Personal Electronic Toys or for me lately my new iPhone. At the risk of sounding trite these are really 'the best thing since sliced bread'. Here is what i shared on a discussion forum recently about how i use my iPhone:

"I have the usual stuff like gmail, calendars, my feeds, news (Herald, Stuff, TVNZ). It's easier to run all these off an app than through Safari. I like iTorch turns your phone into a torch very handy when you are looking for your keys in the dark. Photosynth is cool for creating panoramic pics and sharing - to think how i used spend hours doing this with carefully stitched together pics in downloaded software on my computer - now you can do it with a few clicks! I keep my translater handy when i am teaching my French class. Shopshop is great to keep my shopping list, make my list and tick it off as i go round the supermarket, or email it directly to my darling and he does the shopping. I love BigOven and haven't opened a recipe book for ages, though glad i have got a plastic cover for my phone now it is starting to get grubby from kitchen use ;-)

There is an app you can get that lets you connect and display on wireless projectors. Can't remember what it is called but very cool to project straight from your phone onto the big screen in the classroom. For more cool apps check out LifeHacker.

I love my iPhone, every teacher & principal should get one so they would see how awesome these are and let our kids use their itouches & phones at school! (maybe TELA should switch from laptops to iphones)

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