Monday, 22 August 2011

Moodle Help Musings?

moodle_questionsThere are a host of Moodle resources out there for the novice Moodler but what is worth spending your precious time on? This was a question i was asked recently, where is the best place to go?

Although i must confess i haven't extended myself in the Moodle arena, since i came to grips with the basics of setting up and developing courses, these are the resource links i would recommend to others:

  • WelCom clusters Moodle help page because Anton their ePrincipal is doing a fantastic job, always working with teachers on Moodle, i would be confident that this is all relevant to what your average NZ teacher is wanting to do;
  • 2 Minute Moodles aiming for simple bite size Moodle help;
  • Moodle for NZ schools NZ Moodle community, lots of screencasts, & forum, good to subscribe if you want to hook into some local expertise. 
  • If you want a full reference you can download the Moodle book. It is free & published by the Moodle developers.

Your recommendations? Please share Smile

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