Monday, 27 June 2005

St Josephs

Visited the Art Gallery with Room 4 and took lots of pictures. You can see these here. Room 4 emailed Toko School to talk about their art work. These pictures could be a useful language starter for students who had visited the gallery. Classes could email other schools and give them feedback on their art work :-) Michael’s reading groups are hard at work on their All Blacks Legends project for the Lions Collaborative unit. Some help needed here with things like referencing websites and extracting relevant key points. Helped them also do the whizzy presentation things like animations and transitions – hopefully to be used in moderation. The Seniors are preparing their debate “Computers in Society” so have been able to point them in the direction of some research – great to get email from them as they work through some of the issues. Kids are more than welcome to email me with their questions – I love hearing from them. Brought the Junior reading resource to St Josephs junior classrooms, again starting with a modelled session and then made the resource available on the classroom computers. Junior teachers have received their laptops here – no mucking around with Carol on the job!!! Had a short laptop intro session with them after school. For those just starting out we could provide more support with short focused skills sessions on a regular basis. Will organise to meet this group again next term once they have had time to have a little play with their new toys and see what ‘training’ they need. Maybe more of our junior teachers in the cluster will have their laptops by then??
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