Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Toko School

Toko kids taught me how to play dice games this morning. Watched some of them trialling some Maths drill software – can’t remember the name of it. (Richard?) Quite expensive at around $500 for a site licence. Some of it seemed quite easy for the kids, though maybe with the full licence there are more levels of challenge? Quite straight forward problems similar as those in a text book but instant marking & recording of kids progress. Feedback from kids was it was way better than book work – I guess that’s a positive. If you are looking at choosing software best to compare a range before investing in any one title. Don’t overlook the activities available free of charge on the Internet – just a matter of finding appropriate ones. And of course if you’re a creative Flasher with a bit of time – you can make them yourself! :-) Kids were quite proud to show off their Flash movies – lots of planes, trucks, cars all crashing, shooting & action… They have created their own lunchtime Flash club – cool! Saw the photos & video from Prep day – worked with some of Cathy’s girls. (Great to work with girls – they are so often marginalised when it comes to doing ‘computer stuff’) Some of them edited the video of the Prep day concert and some of them put together the still photos into PhotoStory. They plan to present it to the school at next weeks assembly. Rooms 3 & 5 are gearing up for the ‘Lions Game’ lots of activity here – emails to Johnny & classroom displays going up. Good to see.
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