Monday, 4 July 2005

Stratford Primary

With the imminent arrival of a new server, Lynn and I have been working together to come up with a ‘blueprint’ for the ideal desktop and network configuration. This is because we were going to work on learning to use the Intranet but couldn’t find how to access the files and when we thought we could did not have the administrative privileges to use them….
But along the way we found lots of places we could get into around the school network which were pretty scary indeed so these things need to be locked down, made accessible when necessary by different levels of security. So we have created a working document “On an Ideal School Network…” and this could be any of our schools’ networks. Look out for it on Interact.
Introduced the entire senior school to their SchoolZone area. Demonstrated how their username & password works, how to change their passwords, how to use their email, and drop boxes and change their settings. They found this all pretty exciting to have their own online space & email. Lots and lots of talk as I demonstrated about Cybersafety and the Appropriate Use agreements they had signed. Also showed them how the SchoolZone management tools worked (Carol did this at St Josephs) so they could see that they were being monitored. The reason being is we want a safe learning environment for our children – whether in the classroom, the playground or online!
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