Friday, 1 July 2005

Toko School

Here is Toko's popular display from the Methanex Maths Competition. Find more examples on Interact.

Staying close to the heaters today – brrrrrrrrrrrr. Kids are buzzing out here – finishing off their Prep movies – using MovieMaker & PhotoStory with still shots and video; preparing a pretty convincing argument for their debate about making playgrounds more exciting places to be, and playing cool maths games. Maths games are the in thing around the schools at the moment – coming out of the numeracy contract. The kids love them too – Sophie comes home and makes up her own maths games to play with her friends… better than playstation that’s for sure. Kelly’s kids in Room 2 are working on their writing skills as they email their British Buddies. They are all really excited to receive email from their e-pals and have their photos up on the wall by their computer. They are also learning some basic email skills (one small step @ a time – attachments next) which Kelly hopes to carry over into some project work. Ideas for email projects can be found at Here’s a great place to hook up with other schools who are looking for epals to email. The
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