Friday, 26 August 2005

Te Aroha Regional ICTPD Meeting

Great for the team to get away again :-) Do we do some of our best talking on these looooooooong car trips - or was everyone asleep in the back seat or too kind to me to tell me to shut up. Some interesting ideas on what to do with teacher release time Term 4 - i wish i had recorded our conversation - i did scribble some of it down when i got home - but where is that piece of paper?? I need a palm pilot, i-pod, cool thingamyjiggy to keep track of the whirl of thoughts & ideas in my head.
So the day was OK - not terribly challenging - Douglas was a great presenter - a good overview of teacher laptops, other MOE ICT initiatives, the new e-learning strategy. Discovery learning with the Stanley Ave kids with a little piece of software Pivot Stick Animator - would overlook the software quite easily but i don't think that was the main point of the session. Yes Discovery learning - to a point - we all have to work it out at sometime for ourselves - everything changes so quickly how else are you going to be independent learners if you don't try things out & take risks. But I wouldn't use this approach as the only way - kids can also go a long way if we model some starting points and give some expert advice where needed to push them through their zpd... It would have been good to have some real 'chew the fat' time with the other facilitators - there was lots of small talk but no real nitty gritty beyond 'how's it going?'
Thanks Barb for organising the day - it was great to have the involvement of the kids (a reminder perhaps of why we are all there). All the photos are here

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