Friday, 2 December 2005

Digital Blue

Have a look at some of this stuff at Digital Blue - so cool! This little microscope is probably nothing on a proscope - only goes up to 200x magnification. But you can still get a really good look at a dead fly, the inside of a flower, do a time lapse on your lunch rotting, a chrysalis opening. Wow the possibilities are endless - you can hook it up to your computer to capture and work with your images.
Sitech Systems are NZ distributors. I went to a demo they put on the other day and saw a range of Digital Blue gear. To be honest i wondered why you would by a little 16mb Movie Camera - but when i saw it in action with the software onboard - i would definately pick up one of these just for claymation/animation work. The music mixer 'thingy' was pretty cool too - it is something that we don't do a lot of in our schools generally (except for Marco & Matau) Yet when our Taranaki kids go away to Wellington - what is the highlight? Capital E & in particular making music! It would be great to get one of each of these to try out amongst our schools. Approx $160 each - its peanuts!
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