Wednesday, 30 November 2005

RL vs VR

VR - Virtual Reality
RL - What online gamers call their other life - real life!
It is only through strong self-control and a million other things to do that i haven't totally immersed myself in Cyberspace (though when i first set up my Feedreader i was nearly there...)Even so I find it difficult to do a day's work without being wired & online.
"The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace" Margaret Wertheim - is my latest semi-read:
This is a very heavy philosophical book (picked it up from Artichoke's blog - should have known ;-) - examines the concept of 'space' and sense of 'self' through the ages. I only managed to read the last two chapters pertaining to Cyberspace. How to describe the concept of Cyberspace - i have tried this with kids as we explore Cybersafety issues - what is Cyberspace - it's a place but not a place, it's real with real people but people can be who they want to be there, no it's not out amongst the stars or inside your computer...You can't touch it or feel it (yet - maybe) but you can definately be there and experience it. And it is definately more and more where some of us spend our time and will do in the future. It's kind of freaky, kind of scary and kind of cool at the same time.
"With the advent of cyberspace we are thus alerted that our conception of the world, and of ourselves, is likely to change....cyberspace will alter our vision of reality in powerful ways."
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