Wednesday, 2 August 2006

The Vision Vacuum

A must read article by Gwen Gawith in the latest Good Teacher Magazine.
Gwen discusses educational vision in the light of the 'new curriculum' and in reference to Bruce Hammonds comments on the Ministry's vision (or lack of it) for education in NZ.

Gwen defines vision as "being able to see clearly:
  • why we want learners to learn in our schools,
  • how we want learners to learn in our schools,
  • what we want them to learn to equip them for life now and later,
  • how we want them to be taught.
Simplifying it to seeing the critical WHAT, WHY, HOW of learning is NOT simplistic"

She argues passionately that the WHAT of children's learning is very important and has been neglected by those who think that simply learning to learn is the most important thing regardless of topic or context. Gwen encourages us not to wait for the MOE to drop their vision on us but to "Simply articulate and share your OWN school vision of learning, focus your own school curriculum, and work to achieve it."
Yes i agree with her it's not rocket science, just do it, but i wonder in how many of our schools that are developing their own vision for learning (talking the talk) how much of this translates into practise in the classroom (walking the walk). And how many of our schools have not even begun to talk the talk let alone walk the walk.
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