Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Farewell to a Gr8 Teacher

Year 7's @ Toko prepared to say goodbye to Heather by creating 'Farewell Movies' (Heather I hope u don't read this...) They combined original images (this one made in ArtRage & then Fireworks), old & new photos, video clips of interviews & messages from staff & students, a remembrance walk around the school, all had original soundtracks created in GarageBand. Even a little Flash movie but we had problems converting it to quicktime & couldn't get it into the movie storyboard. In fact it seemed like we had the Tech Gremlin hanging over our heads all day, couldn't download video (well it helps to have the cassette in the camera!), computers freezing, data on computers all over the school to be found, converted, collected, transferred to the apples (not networked). Phew another trip out to Toko on Friday to help finish up!
Heather will need a big box of tissues when she sees these & the awesome cards the Year 8's made too :-)
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