Monday, 11 December 2006

Skype into Marco

I had a lovely day with Jen out @ Marco school. Seems really like the first day of summer - a real Sticky Tar Day! Today we troubleshooted a few network things like sharing the printer across all the computers & changing the proxy settings of some computers so they could get onto the Internet. I had a look at the new website the kids make on the Telecom roadshow & will look at it again with Tania when i go out again on Thursday. Just to work thru some finer points & how to add more pages etc. Tania was busy with the shearers out at the farm today so didn't get a chance to see her...
We also - as you can see - set up the vidcam & Skype - Jen had been trying but didn't know about this thing called Proxy Settings. This is often the way in many schools i visit - they have all the great ideas, they get all the gear, they try to get started on something & then it doesn't work. Just a helping hand to see them through :-) Jen would really like to skype in to other rural remote sole charge principals & also have her kids talk to others. Get in touch if you're in our time zone.
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