Thursday, 22 June 2006

Good Intentions

.... aren't always enough. The road to where? is lined with them. Reflect on the consequences of good intentions & change your game plan nxt time.

Heather (EPS) reflected that spending a 1/2 hour setting up a screen, dataprojector & laptop, 2 student mentors & Kidspiration to spend 10 minutes creating word blends together as a class was not as effective as writing them in her class book. So try something else - tomorrow forget the dataprojector we will use the clasroom computer screen instead & if that doesn't suit then back to the book. Though the opportunity to try things out is important at least to know that it's not the best way!

Michael (St Jo's) has acknowledged on reflection that his classroom project of creating a class year book has been a trade off between the pressure of finishing this work to a deadline, with the opportunity for all to be hands on. Classroom experts are great and have their place in supporting others but stand back and look at your experts - how many girls are there? Don't forget our girls, they are so easily marginalised and too often stand back and let the boys take over.
Many of our teachers are feeling the pressures of expectations - expectations to integrate ICTs in the classroom. It is great that they are feeling confident to try things out but it is equally important when they do this to critically evaluate the contribution to learning vs how practical is this to implement and adjust their practise the next time.
Well done Kim (St Jo's) for facilitating a school tutorial session today on using Kidspiration - sharing the expertise with others :-)
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