Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Colour My World

A pleasure to work with a group of young women at St Mary's today. Part of a school holiday G & T programme (partly school promotion - why not?!) The learning intention: "To use use visual images, music & expressive language to convey a message within the colour theme." Our tools ArtRage & PhotoStory; our resource flickr (creative commons) and some quick learning bright young minds).
It did take me twice as long to set up as i spent with the girls (setting up users on the network & SZ and loading software etc) but well worth it.
Their work is hosted on Vimeo but you can check it out below too. I know you girls are all reading this blog post as we didn't have time to watch everybody's work so well done you did a great job today :-) Feel free to leave a comment where it says comments.

Introducing Yello on Vimeo

Colour Me Orange on Vimeo

Colour Me Pink on Vimeo

Think Pink on Vimeo

Blue on Vimeo

Born Pink and Black on Vimeo

Around Yellow on Vimeo

White Wonders on Vimeo

Blue on Vimeo

Colour Me Pink on Vimeo
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