Friday, 29 August 2008

Stop Press - TaraNet eLearning Award

GEN-I high res small A big thank you to Gen-i who are sponsors of our inaugural TaraNet eLearning Award.

After 5 years of eLearning in TaraNet schools it is time to recognise and celebrate the achievements of a growing number of students who have risen to the challenge of being elearners.

It will be very hard to choose just one worthy recipient of this award as most of our schools have one or more students who fit the criteria.

The criteria we have come up with so far are:

  • must be an elearning student from a TaraNet school 
  • have shown a commitment to their studies (attendance & diligence)
  • be a positive role model for elearning

The qualities this student will show are imagepersistence, flexibility, a high level of communication, and a positive outlook. Some input from our students here would be good.
What are the qualities needed to be a successful elearning student?

Up for grabs is an Asus Laptop 
A great little tool for an elearner!

We hope to gain more sponsorship and trial these in our schools for more of our elearners.

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