Thursday, 21 August 2008

We're Proud of our 'E'ness

ePrincipal's had a day together at the MOE office. On the agenda:

  • eMentor's reporting on work going into the restructuring of the VLN
  • Preparation for ULearn - who's presenting what - a number of ePrincipal led workshops will be offered
  • Discussions with NZQA regarding our procedures in particular MOUs - ePrincipals are now on the NZQA mailing list so we can keep up with what's going on
  • Correspondence School discussed their work with the FarNet in support of SchoolsPlus students. SchoolsPlus students get funding to enrol with the Correspondence School & so they are looking at how to collaborate with the VLN clusters to support these students.
  • Ka Hikitia Presence on the VLN - Carolyn presented a discussion paper on this which outlined some key areas such as:
    • identifying Maori students in VLN enrolments
    • developing a strong pool of VC Maori teachers to cope with demand for enrolments
    • accessing links with Maori students - eg senior tamariki mentoring younger in language, performing arts
    • digital conversations with Maori role models
  • Digital Conversations - Sarah from the Book Council to revive the WordSpace video conferences with NZ writers
  • Proposal discussed- a shared Online Learning Environment
  • Preparation for creating a Student Module for elearners at the beginning of the school year.

image Thanks Lynda (& Vicki) for organising today & yesterday's activities. Though we live and work in a virtual world much of the time, I think it is really worthwhile meeting face to face as we did today.

Interface wrote an article about the VLN & ePrincipals you can read it here.

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