Wednesday, 12 November 2008

ePrincipal Profile


The profile of the VLN and it's ePrincipal group Mahi Tahi has been raised through a number of articles in this months EdGazette. Thanks CAM, Howard, Conor & Trevor for being our ambassadors. Great to see we also now have a link from the front page of the TKI website too. All this exposure will be really helpful in lifting this cloak of invisibility i feel often surrounds our work, the VLN and our eteachers & students. And should help move us more from working around the boundaries into an everyday part of our schools' cultures & ways of doing things.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Rachel.

I think our schools forget what we do behind the scenes. I have just read Darren's blog post on collaboration, and I think the fact that we actively model what we want our schools to do, and do so at a distance, is wonderful. Personally, I have learnt a lot this year by communicating and collaborating with my fellow ePrincipals. and nicked many good ideas and resources - given freely by everyone.