Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Interactive Learning & Collaboration

Today in my online wanderings & readings I found the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration.


I found myself at CILC after reading 5 Ways Classrooms Can Use Videoconferencing. Which highlighted the 5 ways as:

  1. Connect with the Experts
  2. Virtual Field Trips
  3. Working together
  4. Accessing Previously Unavailable Courses
  5. Teaching the teachers

These things I know, my colleagues and I have promoted and been engaged in these types of activities for many years throughout my involvement with the Virtual Learning Network (VLN).  It is interesting to see the different models of online learning such as CILC or the VLN and probably others, all contain the same basic elements. Thank you Derek, for your work with the LCO (Learning Communities Online) handbook, and the Greater Christchurch Schools Network, for simplifying these elements into the 3 Ps – Programmes, Projects & Professional Learning.

Though online learning, is not just about Videoconferencing, there is a wide range of tools freely available to support Interactive & Collaborative Learning Online. If you’re not connecting & collaborating with other schools – try it out. Contact the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), VLN Primary Collaboration, ICTPD Network, Core-Ed or elearning clusters in your area.

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