Thursday, 24 June 2010

What’s that Font?

Two interesting websites for fonts. The first one probably more useful than the second enables you upload an image of text and then goes through a process of matching to known fonts. Really useful to find a font, that you have seen online, want to use it & don’t know what it is. Just take a screenshot of a piece of text, upload it to What the Font, and go through a matching process.


This website is more fun than practical, allows you to create a personal font that is based on your handwriting script. Download a template of the alphabet and numbers, fill it in by hand, scan and upload back to the site. Not sure how you access and then install your new personalised font. Haven’t got that far – but a very cool idea.


Create a font from your own handwriting. Download a template, complete by hand (alphabet & numbers), scan and upload back to the Pilot Handwriting site.

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