Friday, 15 October 2004

Eltham Primary

Whole day with Graham – Yahoo. First time  Lots of discussion, preparing for TOD when the staff will pull in all the ‘nuts & bolts’ of thinking skill, curriculum integration, values & attitudes, HoMs, ICT integration etc into a coherent structure & plan of action. Sort of figured on a way to facilitate this on the day but will also depend on Chris Harwood’s curriculum integration workshop next week and what is thrown into the mix from there. Had a bit of fun with children role playing some of the school rules for Graham’s PowerPoint presentation for next week’s assembly – helped him put it all together – though as Graham says ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ so if you are not doing this stuff on a regular basis – you forget. I will put together a tutorial of our days work so he wouldn’t forget next time. Had a visit from Ronald McDonald – exciting. Eltham has recently been donated a pod of 6 recycled computers and another 15 for school families. The 6 computers will all be put into Kim’s room and shared with Megan’s class next door. They are meant to be already set up on their own little network but they will need to be linked to the school network in order to access the Internet – good job for a ComTech. Great to see computers getting into classrooms.
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