Wednesday, 6 October 2004


Building blocks of webpages with Marlene’s extension kids. Marlene has worked with them in the planning & preparation of content & I have joined in to teach them the basics. Focused on writing html code using Notepad & creating webpages from scratch – mainly to give them the theory behind how pages work so they can look at any page or use any web editor with an understanding of how they are constructed. Made a little ‘How To’ file will post to Interact & to ShareIT. Another session introduced them to FrontPage. Reviewed appropriate content in particular the sharing of games & music. Discussed copyright & piracy. Best to review games & music with links to other sites rather than download stuff (illegally) for sharing through their own site. This common issue has come up before with kids making webpages. This little group now have to build on what they’ve learnt so far with the resources given & great sites for finding out more. Email me if they get stuck. They should be the experts for their wider group and Marlene to learn from.
Working again with Lynn as she begins to make backup copies of important school CDs. Accessing resources through the Intranet in particular the digital story books – the CD copies of these are now accessioned to the library and have proved popular with the students.
Sherrilyn needed advice on how to get parts of a song for the production. Showed her Audacity software for simple sound editing & made this and other Music software available through the Intranet – Acid Express & Music Maker. The difficult part will probably be managing file formats as they are imported & exported from the music editing programme???
Ross’s class asked for help on getting the dataprojector to work – the trick is with any dataprojector is starting up the projector b4 you start the laptop & using the Fn F5 buttons to toggle between the screens. Also need to check that the data projector is set to computer & not video.
Assisted with the SchoolZone application – liasing with Computerland technician and Tim Harper SZ technician. The site discovery form has been completed & sent in, joined up with the VEN (SZ education management side of things) & Telecom reckon its 15 days till delivery!
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