Friday, 29 October 2004

I have been so slack i haven't posted anything for ages! Been flat out this week with yr 3 & 4s at SPS learning to make movies - one for every letter of the alphabet - Phew! Lots of learning about how to work in teams and sometimes how not to work in teams :-) It is awesome to see them so engaged & tuned in to what they're doing - you have to put the lid down on the laptops & kick them out the door for lunch. The dreaded lurgy with any work i have done in classes is file management - saving stuff to who knows where, not saving stuff, using floppies & mixing them up not knowing which has got pictures on - aaah! But we get there in the end & everyone is really proud of their work. Great reflection taking place in these classes too - Why are we Making Movies? What are we going to learn? & What have we learnt? Student directed questions that demand answers.
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