Thursday, 17 March 2005

Douglas School

Douglas School, originally uploaded by rache65.

My first day out at Douglas School. I love this big Walnut tree out front. The kids picked me a bag full to take home - thanks guys. Spent the whole day with Ross. We reviewed the strategic plan (it helps when you want to move forward to plan your pathways there) :-) We talked about SMS (Student Management Systems) It isn't cost effective in such a small school to use software such as MUSAC. Though I did discuss the Ministry Strategy for SMS and the possibility of combined schools SMS in the future. In the meantime we will look at using Spreadsheets for collecting and analysing data and reporting to BOT & MOE. A good part of the day was spent 'playing' with the new EMac. It was a prize for being a Cool School - what a great prize. We made a Virtual Tour of Douglas School. Ross has a good handle on the process & skills of Movie Making with IMovie. I look forward to visiting again and seeing what the kids have been creating with it. :-)

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