Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Eltham Primary

Full on with Cybersafety at EPS - this supports the Cybersafety policies and agreements that have just been reviewed and sent out to the school community. Lesson activities and sequences for all levels of the school can be found on Interact. The main learning point for Juniors was to go online with an adult and for older children - never give out any personal information, be respectful on line and what to do if you come across objectionable sites. It is an important part of providing a safe learning environment for all to not only have in place cybersafety policy & procedure, but also to have a safe infrastructure (filtered & monitored) and to EDUCATE. This should include the whole community - teachers & parents. I am available for workshopping with teachers "Developing Critical NetStudents" and also with Whanau "Keeping up with our kids online." So please bring me in to do this :-) Introduced Megan to SchoolZone - a complete Internet Management System - we only just had time for a quick browse there is so much there and being added to all the time. A good solution to become a cybersafe school.
Learning how to use the new digital cameras was another focus with Heather & Miriam's kids - cameras in every classroom Kodak Easy Share. Miriam's students were gathering evidence of littering for their Infolink unit on recycling & then took the cameras out to the recycling plant the next day too.
Heather's very little kids were out finding examples of why Eltham is a Cool School - they were so preoccupied with getting each other in the picture and dancing around so much that maybe we should have given them the video camera :-) It is a learning curve for teachers to hand over the gear and let the kids get on with it so our EPS teachers did well today.
The laptop COWs are being very well used - it is great to see kids coming in and out all day long grabbing them for work in the classroom. Well done Eltham on successfully gaining funding for a new admin & learning centre block - Yahoo.
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