Wednesday, 16 March 2005


A good day out at TUANZ for 14 of our cluster members. It was great to travel home with the SPS teachers and hear them talk of what took their interest that day - Digital Learning Objects,the work of Mangorei School... a grab bag of ideas from many other presenters. My challenge is - OK guys what one thing did inspire you the most that you are going to run with in your classroom???
Kim & I presented the benefits of ICT PD clusters and how to go about establishing a new cluster. We gave the story of how we have set ourselves up with advice for schools who are interested in putting themselves forward for a contract. The main message was - start organising yourself NOW. I don't know why there is not the interest amongst Taranaki schools - we are well under represented regionally in the ICT PD national network. What a great opportunity for teacher PD and collaborating with other schools that is being missed out on here.
I also presented a skills session on the skills & process of making movies with Movie Maker 2. I enjoy these hands on sessions as people are so busy playing around with what they can do - you don't feel so much in the spotlight. I modelled the process & provided loads of still images & sound clips for them to work with - the subject was Anzac day. Email me if you would like a copy of these Anzac Resources.
Jason Ohler was a great Keynote speaker - vist his website where he has video clips of his keynotes and resources from all his presentations.
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