Thursday, 14 April 2005

Huiakama School

Huiakama kids have been doing some great work this term! Good to look at their portfolios and I love the little business cards they have been making. Some of the work they have been doing on Len Lye, animations & flip books fitted in well with the work we did today on cartoon animation. The children storyboarded a very basic 8 scene animation. I showed them some animation examples & they set to work - creating characters in Paint & animating them using PowerPoint. They made the connection very easily between flip books and the changing slides in PowerPoint. Learning outcome - not sure - an extension on the work they have been doing already & a bit of fun at the end of the term. Clare and I went onto Interact where she learnt to upload documents for sharing G & T Policy - this is a great forum for sharing so keep putting stuff up there guys.
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