Thursday, 14 April 2005

Infolink Over (Nearly)

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Our last Infolink session at St Josephs. Phew what an effort guys! Well done for your hard work, persistence, patience & enthusiasm - all in different measures from different areas :-) We chose Infolink as a PD focus because of course we think Information Literacy is really important in the skills set of a 21st Century learner, but also because this course is school based and is based on affecting classroom practise. There has been some awesome things happening around our schools as you all work through Action Learning with our kids. The big positives have been the sharing within and across our schools and the excitement in learning that has been articulated by some of our children. I hope you have all fed back your evaluations on the course, some of which we have already discussed in other forums. Still one assignment to go which I guess some of you will be working on over the holidays - check out the links on Interact that may help you with this.

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