Friday, 15 April 2005

Farewell Simon

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Off to Puke Ariki to farewell Simon Pickford today. Simon has been managing the Taranaki Information Network - Puke Ariki Portal computers in our schools for the last 2 years and is off to work for the New Plymouth District Council on another IT project there. Here he is with our SPS children impressing the ComputerWorld judges to gain a Digital Excellence Award. Thanks Simon for your contributions to our cluster - delivering workshops at our first Teacher Only Day & after school workshops. Also for continuing to work with us right up to the end and setting things in motion for our 6 Eastern schools to get their PukeAriki computer (& Internet subsidy) - Don't forget Principals from these schools to get back in touch with PukeAriki and say YES - your computers are ready and waiting to be delivered and installed to your networks!

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