Saturday, 17 September 2005

Education Prepares our Kids for the Present not just the Future

Just been listening to David Warlick's last podcast where he gives the soapbox to Dr Tim Tyson from Mabry Middle School who speaks passionately about the difference between schooling then (for us) & schooling now (or for some of us the potential). Warlick advises that for most listeners this is preaching to the converted but this is a message we should be taking out to our school communities. Tim is awesome to listen to though I think he focuses strongly on technology as an enabler when we know there are lots of other factors enabling our kids learning - but maybe that comes in podcast part 2... One of the main things that made me think about this podcast was when Tim talks about the huge untapped potential in our children as builders of knowledge. 'Knowledge is the seed for change and action.' That for some time we have thought of education as preparing our children for the future when really they have a lot to contribute in the present. I won't review this any further - it is really worth a listen to & not too long & not at all boring. Jump over to the Mabry website too - very slick but lots going on there too with their own Podcast Central.
And if you think i would spend this beautiful day sitting at my computer - you're wrong - (except for this 10 minutes to make my post) I have been busy around the garden with my new little toy in my pocket & my earphones on!!!!
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