Monday, 12 September 2005

Flickr Flickr

Just been listening to Steve @ Teach 42 podcasting about all the cool things you can do on Flickr. I started using Flickr out at Matau when we were working out how to get pictures on our blogs - way back then (say 3 months ago - long time at today's pace :-) it was the only way we could get photos up & make our blogs hopefully more interesting... Now of course you just click the little picture button on your blogspot webediting page & can put a photo up with a simple browse & click.
OK so Flickr - still using it for all my extra photos that don't make my blog page and also another account for sharing family photos. Steve's podcast opened up a whole lot of awesome ideas about how you can use Flickr. I don't need to repeat his ideas here - just go to his blog post Flickr-fy your life
Hey, here might be another workshop for Learning@School 90 minutes playing with Flickr - i know it can be done :-)
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