Sunday, 18 September 2005

McLuhan - the medium is the message

"At the speed of light, policies and political parties yield place to charismatic images."
Marshall McLuhan 1911-1980

This may be a very apt quote in the days to come after last nights events (deja vu)
But i don't want to focus on the politics - would like to know more about McLuhan - his name keeps popping up all over the place though he has been gone for quite some time. It seems he is an influential thinker in the area of Communication & was the one to coin the phrase 'the medium is the message' A whole host of his quotes some of them so well known can be found here. I am looking to read some of his work though wouldn't know what to start with - any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I'll just take a trip over to the Massey Library & order a selection :-)
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