Thursday, 20 April 2006

Dead Cats & Laptops

What does a dead cat and this laptop have in common? Neither of them go!
When you drop a cat (a live one that is) they land on their feet - laptops do not!
This cat at some time in it's life was probably well loved. This laptop has never been loved.
It is difficult to tell the length of time these items have been buried in the dust - the cat could have been 8 years or 80 years. Though we know from the model of this laptop it has only been in this mummified condition for 18 months.
All in all this cat is in a lot better condition than this laptop recently returned by a departing teacher!
(This cat was found in perfect mummified condition by builders excavating for the new block at Eltham Primary School - can't tell u where the laptop came from...)
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