Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Spam Poetry

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I have been getting a bit of this Spam of late & today was the first time i read it (i don't know why?!!) Though the whole doesn't make sense, there are some interesting phrases, even analogy & imagery (in my mind anyway...) I blog about this because it brings to mind Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet which i read about a while ago (when i had Massey Library at my fingertip - sigh) "The Age of Spiritual Machines". Kurweil writes about the inevitability of technology - it is part of our evolutionary process - though we have the power to shape it & control it (for now...)
He explains the Turing Test - when a computer is set challenges for determining if it has
achieved human-level intelligence - based on whether it can fool a human interrogator. He predicts will pass the test by 2029 as by this time readily available computers will have the processing capabilities of the human brain - All the way through this book it compares the general capabilites of a computer to human in the areas of Arts, Health, Education, Warfare, Politics, Philosophy - Computers are already able to produce visual art works & literature (poetry) after being taught (style, composition etc)
He predicts Virtual Reality - will be growing - computer hardware will be discrete worn around the body, moving towards neural implants, screen devices implanted on the retina. The Haptic touch will become all encompassing - VR will be seamless into RL (real life) - communicating & being able to touch across distances, download memories (dreams?
:-) when yr body wears out (huge extension on natural life because of new medical technologies) download yourself to a younger stable body. Keyboards definately out - voice to text speech recognition more sophisticated, control hardware
through body movements, & thought rather than through keyboard inputs. Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Agents that source, customise & personalise data - already happening - webbots.
Kurzweil discusses education as moving away from the schools as a physical base - all kids have the hardware (of the time) most real learning takes place at home, teachers facilitators of learning, cai (computer assisted instruction) reading programmes, paper based documents disappearing, flexible screens, digital books. (things we are on the way towards now)
It is heartening to hear this from Kurzweil "Although enhanced through virtual experiences, intelligent interactive instruction & neural implants, learning still requires time-consuming human experience and study." So though teachers of the future could well be projected in holographic form (see the remake movie 'Lost in Space') learning may have quite different forms and faces it will still be an essentially human activity. I don't believe we will ever be like Trinity in the Matrix who can instantly download a learning programme & learn to fly a helicopter in seconds. Though kids have said to me a number of times one day we won't have to learn this stuff - we'll just 'chip' ourselves with the information. Yeah Right!

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