Saturday, 29 April 2006


Professional Learning Communities
The best thing to come out of our ICT PD cluster is how it has enabled schools to engage in professional discourse and share all the great things we are doing. A quote from Janet (Stanley School 2004)

“Perhaps the most satisfying part has been working together with other teachers in the cluster, getting to know each other, sharing ideas and solving problems. We have all been brought together through this programme and it’s been great. Generally we tend to work in isolation in our schools and it has been such fun this year to be part of a bigger team.”

It is very exciting to think that the last 3 years in 'the contract' is only just the beginning - the laying of the foundations, the sowing of the seeds of thought. I really hope so anyway. I look forward to seeing where it will lead us. I hope you don't mind Rae if i quote from your last school newsletter:
"...we recognise the need for further networking within our learning communities, and as such have had preliminary discussions about where to from here. We, of course, have been clustered together for ICT, and the networking that has occurred has been very worthwhile. The ICT contract finishes at the end of this year, and we were discussing ways of continuing the process - possibly through gifted and talented programmes, some literacy programmes, ICT, sharing and so on. We certainly need to keep talking and working together for the enhancement of our students learning in the future."
(that was my emphasis because thats what its all about really!! :-)
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