Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cybersafe Kids @ St Pats

Children need to understand the unique nature of the Internet; and they need to develop critical-thinking skills - to protect their personal privacy and safety online, to distinguish between fact and opinion, and to recognize inappropriate content if they encounter it. They need to learn strategies for being “cybersafe” at home and at school.
So that was the focus today at St Pat's in Inglewood where i worked with the Junior School & then the Senior School. I had come today all ready to make movies (now where did i get that idea from???) so thanks to Inglewood High School for providing a data projector at short notice and Kim for being so patient as i updated my cybersafety teaching resource.
You can find this resource on the Bard Wired Wiki.
Some notable kids cybersafety links to check out are the 'educational games' from the Canadian Media Awareness Network and with a New Zealand flavour Hector's World.
A great blog post with advice for parents "10 Principles for the Digital Family":
  1. Play with your child
  2. Go low budget
  3. Bring digital politics to the dinner table
  4. Be an Adbuster
  5. Distrust ratings
  6. Raise the issue of innappropriate behaviour appropriately
  7. Consider a computer in the kitchen
  8. Know the limits of educational games
  9. Set boundaries
  10. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Read the full article here.
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