Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Lets Hit the Beach......

It was too nice a day to be at school today & apart from Tania and I continually pleading to take all the kids to the beach we instead sat down in different parts of the school and Skyped each other. So Marco School is ready to roll with Skype & waiting for Pitt Island to have their internet connection fixed so we can continue the conversation from a few weeks ago. Come on ICONZ get it fixed! Did you know if you are a school with the ICONZ internet satellite service and wanting to webconference you can contact ICONZ (with 24 hours notice) and have your bandwidth boosted for the day. That was news to me, even having worked with these schools for the last 4 years! If there are any schools who would like to make a skype connection with Marco please contact me or Jen to organise something.
Today I also helped Jen set up a flickr account for Marco School and set up juploader to make it really easy for her to resize and upload their photos in one hit. Next time i go back i will show her some of the cool tools you can use with your flickr account. Marco School is here on flickr.
Another thing i have been trying to do & just this minute worked it out, is accessing their school server remotely. All i need to do is put in their Static IP address, system administrator user name & password and i'm in. What i'd like to know how to do now is to manage the desktops off the server remotely so i can do some PD at a distance. Any advice on remote control of desktops in the smartnet server environment would be appreciated :-)
We achieved lots @ Marco today but still it was a better day to be @ the beach....
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