Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Clusters Collaborating

A new month, another VC meeting with the VLN cluster ePrincipals. Being part of the elearning cluster leadership group supported by the MOE has given this group a bit more momentum I think than it had in the past. We all share a similar direction (& also have the same accountabilities particularly in regard to funding - action plans, milestones etc) but we are all working through similar issues and have a lot to share and contribute that will be to the benefit of all our students not just our own schools.
The main focus of today's meeting was about the research that will be undertaken in support of this project. Eddie introduced Helen, elearning team research analyst, (sorry terrible pic taken on the phone). As a group we discussed what should our research questions be? What is important to know in our conversations with teachers, students, parents & the wider community?

  • Analysis & comparison of NCEA results - compared within schools, vc/non vc & nationally (student achievement)
  • Student engagement - what skills do they develop as elearners that they carry over into other areas (& vice versa - what skills are our students bringing to the elearning environmnet?)
  • Case study analysis of cluster demographics - what makes a successful cluster?
  • Student voice - their experiencee of a complex blended environment
  • Equity of access to online learning - often it is only the 'good' students who have access
  • ETeacher development - making the transition from a traditional to an elearning environment.
  • Teacher efficacy & enjoyment

It will be interesting to have some authoritative data to support our practice in schools instead of only working on what we believe to be true from anecdotal experience & a mish mash of available but mostly unavailable (or really difficult to access) achievement data.

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