Thursday, 13 March 2008

Inglewood eLearners

OK not the best pic but just trying out my new cellphone ;-)
I met with students at Inglewood to see that they are all settled into their online classes well. They are a switched on group of young people & if they put the effort in are sure to do well this year. Students at Inglewood are studying Accounting, Te Reo & Art History.
I also met with Ross who is eTeaching (Ag/Hort). We looked at optimising images in online presentations to reduce file size & therefore upload & download time. We explored using SchoolZone mydesktop home web space for storing large files for students to access (Interact has a limit on file sizes). We talked about using copyright resources such as dvd, how to access video online (teacher tube & youtube) & sharing it with students. Ross is confident & interested in using technology to support his teaching so perhaps could be a good person to try out things like AdobeConnect, tandberg content server & exe editor tools.
I had some time with Michael who is currently on efellowship. I wanted to work with him on setting up a Moodle site for TaraNet. I look forward to having more time to catch up with him next time I'm at Inglewood.
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