Wednesday, 19 March 2008

ELearning @ Waitara

A short visit this morning to Waitara. I met a number of estudents and most seem to be well underway just one needing a rocket to encourage him to do more work when i produced an assessment for him to work on & he was a little unprepared... But students are well supported in this school largely through the efforts of Marilyn who is doing a wonderful job. My only concern is the sustainability of the extra workload put on one member of staff. Still early days at Waitara as this is their first year with any VC students and as a school they have more VC students than others in our cluster. They would be an excellent case study - questions being asked already relate to resource & funding of VC students, from the time it takes to supervise their study, to the setting up of practical lessons for physics, to the costs of providing new texts. It all adds up when you don't even have a budget allocation for any of it.
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